【special event information】 「JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2024 (2024.02.02)

「JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2024 will hold the following special event.

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[About merchandise / privilege party booth]
2/3 (Sat)
13:30 - 14:00 Meet & Greet Zone A1 @SQUARE A Booth No. A1
※Product sales only
15:30 - 16:50 Meet & Greet Zone D5 @DAZZLE Booth No. D5

2/4 (Sun)
18:10 - 19:40 Meet & Greet Zone A3 @SQUARE A Booth No. A3

■Products for sale
AMEFURASSHI photos (92, 94, 96, 97 seasons)
Cash (banknotes) only (payment in Japanese yen)
* 1 set: 5 random pieces
* Includes autograph and comments!

・92nd season (No.1748-1769)

・94th season (No.1793-1815)

・96th season (No.1839-1863)

・97th season (No.1863-1885)

■Payment method
Cash only
※Payment in Japanese yen
I don't have any change. Please cooperate by paying only with banknotes.

■How to participate
Please purchase the products eligible for the special event (raw photo) in advance at the sales booth.
・ One set of bonus tickets will be given for one set.
・ The number of bonus tickets to be handed to one person may be limited.
・ There is a limited bonus ticket. It will end as soon as it runs out.
・ The privilege party can participate with 2 or more bonus tickets.
・ Please line up in the privilege party.
・ The privilege party will be held in the order of the lined up.
・ The privilege party can participate multiple times within time. Please line up again at the end of the line.

・Depending on the number of bonus tickets used, you can participate in the following bonus events.

▷ 2 shots / Bonus tickets: 2 sheets
You can shoot 2 shots with your favorite members
(you can shoot only the members).

▷ Group shot shooting / Bonus ticket: 4 sheets
You can take group shots of all members and customers
(you can also take photos of just members).

▶ Precautions when shooting
・Staff will take photos using smartphones and tablets brought by customers.
・ Please stand at the position of your feet at your feet at the time of shooting.
・ Simple pose specification is possible. We may refuse your request if the staff deems it unacceptable.
・Touching members is prohibited.
・Standing behind a member is prohibited.
・It is prohibited to allow members to hold props during filming.

▶Other notes
・The special event will be held in the order of “group shot shooting” → “2 shot shooting”.
・A bonus ticket is required to participate in the bonus event.
・The content, time, location, etc. of the special event are subject to change without prior notice.
・Bonus tickets that cannot be used within the time limit will be invalidated.
・We do not refund products.